Storytelling for nonprofit organizations is a very powerful tool that can connect you and what you do to the community. Storytelling is engaging, and helps people get a sense of your achievements at a much deeper level. Here are two free ways of storytelling that could also be the most effective ways to market for your organization.

Invitation for Site Visits

No amount of marketing can be as effective as providing your donors with an opportunity to see what your organization is doing in action. Set up some dates, and send invitations to your individual donors, political officials, and community leaders. Seeing the work your organization firsthand is more powerful than a Facebook post or newsletter ever could be. A site visit will also give you an opportunity to get to know your donors and potential donors.

Share Testimonials

Even though site visits are wonderful, but they might not be practical for all type of organizations. Sharing testimonials of people who were positively influenced by your organization would be the next best thing. It’s critical to keep in mind one of the great principles of fundraising – people give to people. By sharing testimonials from clients, your donors strengthen their connection to the individuals they are helping through their donations.




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Sarah Cortell Vandersypen

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